Friday, December 1, 2017

Furmint Forum


The old city hall, Košice, HLAVNÁ STREET 59

Furmint Forum 2017

December 1, 2017, Košice

Furmint Forum

Biggest furmint festival in Slovakia. Except furmints fromTokaj wine region, the visitors will be able to taste Furmints from Slovenia, the south Slovakian – Južnoslovenská wine region, Hungarian Somló and Csopak wine regions. More than 100 furmints from more than 30 vintners.

About Furmint

It is one of the most important grape varieties cultivated in the East Central Europe. It is also suitable for making a lihgt white wines, full bodied whites or semi-sweet and natural sweet wines. The main ingredient one of the world’s best sweet dessert wines – Aszú. Except Tokaj wine region furmint is cultivated in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria or Hungarian Somló , Csopak wine region or south slovakian Južnoslovenská wine region.

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(backyard of the Old City Hall)

Old City Hall

Hlavná street 232/59A, Košice, Slovakia

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Wine pass at the festival

20 €
  • Includes tokens in value of 10 EUR
  • Payments by card at the festival are not possible.
  • Tasting glass for deposit 3 EUR at the festival.

Early bird tickets

17 €
  • Includes tokens in value of 10 EUR
  • Tasting glass for deposit 3 EUR at the festival
  • Presale ends at Nov 29, 2017
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  • HoReCa & PRESS representatives have free access, only by invitation, confirmed by the organizer and based on prior registration here.