The Budaházy family bought their first vineyards in 2000 in Mád. Currently the estate is 1.65 hectares. The most precious part of the estate is Makovicza, the best area in Szent Tamás dűlő. Another special area is the traditionally cultivated, 60-year-old vines in Szent Tamás Fürdő and the Kabar vines. Since summer 2011 Ákos Szokolai has managed the winery. He began by establishing a traditional processing and also selling the wines to a slightly larger audience. Since the 2011 vintage three wines are made: Kabar, Makovicza Furmint and Szent Tamás Late Harvest Furmint and Hárslevelű. After one year of ageing, we started to release these last summer. The long-term goal of the estate is to present the nature of the varied character dűlő, creating small quantities of unique wines. The winery is a member of the Mád Circle.