We founded our winery in 2014 on the 0.3 hectares plot inherited from my parents. I do not come from a winemaker-family but as I was born in the Tokaj region, we always had grapes and wines. In the last 3 years we increased our vineyards to 2,5ha, built a small but modern winery in the center of the lovely village of Erdőbénye. Individual vineyard sites we work on: Rány, Meszes and Nyakvágó with the 2 main grape of Furmint and Hárslevelű.

Our philosophy is to make elegant and unique wines speaking about the richness of those terroirs and keeping the fruitiness of the grape. To achieve that we cultivate our estate strictly in bio way, not using any environment pollutant chemicals to prevent the grapes. In our winemaking technology we are using cooling fermentation and for some of our wines moderate and elegant oak barrel aging (Kádár Hungarian oak barrels, Stockinger Austrian oak barrels). The fermentation mainly happens in stainless steel tanks with exception of limited selection of our sortiment with natural fermentation in oak barrels.

Our sortiment mainly includes dry wines and sparkling wine from the last 3 harvest and 2017 will be our first vintage to have sweet Szamorodni.