As a Hungarian I have always been dreaming of having a winery in the Tokaj region. After the fall of socialism our family acquired 1991 the famous cellars of Flórián Bilicki in Abaújszántó. Regarded as the gateway to the region, Abaújszántó was formerly the second largest town and commercial center in the area. Over the years we have bought vineyard acreage in some of the best growing areas, a total of 10 hectares by now. The prize property of the estate is the PENDITS at Abaújszántó, one of the uniquely gifted vineyards of the Tokaj appellation. Partly on account of its special micro-climate and southern exposure, this vineyard was mentioned among the first growths in the 1867 Tokaj-Hegyalja Album, the definite survey of The Tokaj Foothills. Our knowledge was achieved through self-study and good friends and colleagues although the experience in the vineyard and in the cellar was the best school. It was not easy to accept that nature and every wine has its own will but patience, passion and enthusiasm helped us to be one of the outstanding wineries in the region.