Festival Ticket

Festival ticket is called wine pass and its being sold for 17 EUR in presale. The wine pass includes tokens in value 10 EUR. At the day of the festival the wine pass will be sold for 20 EUR. Tickets can be bought in advance online via WISOMM or personally in Villa Cassa. Presale ends on November 29, 2017, after this date the tickets can be purchased only at the festival venue and at the day of the festival.

Tasting glass

Tasting glass will be provided at the festival venue for deposit 3 EUR.

Winetasting payments

Tasting portions of wine at the festival can be purchased only by tokens and only when using the official tasting glass of the festival. Payments for winetasting in cash are not allowed. Volume of 1 tasting sample is 0.05 l.


Tokens in values of 0.50 EUR and 1 EUR can be purchase at the official sale point of the festival at festival venue for cash. Tokens are being sold during the festival. It’s not possible to exchange tokens back for cash. Payments by cards are not possible at the sale point of the festival.

Buy your ticket in presale

and get 15% discount

Wine pass at the festival

20 €
  • Includes tokens in value of 10 EUR
  • Payments by card at the festival are not possible.
  • Tasting glass for deposit 3 EUR at the festival.

Early bird tickets

17 €
  • Includes tokens in value of 10 EUR
  • Tasting glass for deposit 3 EUR at the festival
  • Presale ends at Nov 29, 2017
  • Buy ticket in presale at WISOMM.


  • HoReCa & PRESS representatives have free access, only by invitation, confirmed by the organizer and based on prior registration here.